Film Reel 2008.

Film work done in London up to mid 2008. More here.

John Carter Compositing Work.

4 week compositing work at Cinesite working on John Carter. More here.

Aya Crane Shot Breakdown.

A single effect shot done for the award winning short film Aya. More here.

Ofer Malls – 45″ Ad.

A commercial for the Ofer Mall chain. The Bambi was not harmed.

Lottogootz Waitress, 53″ Ad.

A commercial for Israeli Lottery. More here.

HONIGMAN Melanie Peres Collection, 35″ ad.

A commercial using a single model multiplied. More here.


Road Runner, Pilot.

Pilot for Warner Brothers that won us at Crew 972 a 19 epidose production.

I was head of compositing More here.

Bezeq Internet Cable – 53″ Ad.

A commercial for a new fiber optics cable. More here.

Bonita De Mas Multi Bar Refaeli’s, 30″ ad.

A commercial with lots of Bar Refaeli’s.


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