1st Edition Errors

Though I took great care in writing the book and several different editors went over the book several times, some type errors and other problems did end up in the final version of the book. The remarkable thing about things made out of atoms is that it is really expensive to edit them after they are published (unlike this website). I believe I have managed to write all the errors up below. If you run into something that isn’t written below, please contact myself or Peachpit Press.

Page Location Change / Addition Comment
Chapter 3
Page 68 Point 8 In CurveTool1’s Properties panel, choose AutoCrop from the Curves Type drop-down menu.
Page 69 Point 2 Ctrl/Cmd-click-drag down from CureTool1’s AutoCropData Animation menu to Crop1’s Box Animation menu and release the mouse button.
Chapter 4
Page 109 After Point 14 …When leaving the center at 0 you can see that the curve is identical to a Multiply curve.
Chapter 7
Page 206 Point 10 You should now do the same with the Lights property.
Chapter 8
Page 245 Point 9 Set the path under the Write1 Proxy field… If indeed you deleted Write1 as in page 242, point 27.
Page 245 Point 10 …Change the channel set for Write1 from RGB to All… If indeed you deleted Write1 as in page 242, point 27.
Chapter 11
This chapter has two problems that might break the comp as it is written. I would add two changes to the progression of the composition for it to work well.
Page 306 After point 1 Insert a Shuffle node after Read1 and set the alpha output to white by clicking the white box in the alpha row. This is done instead of points 8 & 9 in page 335.
Page 310 After point 19 Change the three Scale properties (x, y, z) of the camera from 100 to 1. This is done instead of points 36 & 37 in page 314.

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