Nuke 101 – The Book

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In 2011 I released a Nuke training book called Nuke 101. In April 2014 I released the 2nd edition of the book.

The book can be used both in a classroom with a trainer, or by an individual. It includes 12 chapters and an appendix that takes you from the very basics to some pretty advanced features. You can see the list of chapters below.

The book is available both as an eBook and an actual dead wood paperback. You can find on Amazon or most other book sellers.

Chapter list

chapter 1: Getting Started with Nuke
chapter 2: Touring the Interface with a Basic Composite
chapter 3: Compositing CGI with Bigger Node Trees
chapter 4: Color Correction
chapter 5: 2D Tracking
chapter 6: RotoPaint
chapter 7: Keying
chapter 8: Compositing Hi-Res Stereo Images
chapter 9: The Nuke 3D Engine
chapter 10: Camera Tracking
chapter 11: Camera Projection
chapter 12: Customizing Nuke with Gizmos
Appendi x I: Customizing Nuke with Python

Book History

The book started as a course I wrote so I can teach Nuke in the same way I used to teach Shake – using Marco Paolini‘s Shake book published by Peachpit Press. When Shake was put to rest by it’s then owner Apple I wrote a Nuke course to replace it. After running it a few times I contacted Peachpit Press and they were happy to release it after a long re-writing and editing process. For the release of Nuke 8, I updated the book to the 2nd edition.

Book Errors

Though I tried my best, and four editors tried their best, after printing I did find some errors in the 1st edition of the book. The list of errors can be found here.

The 2nd edition was released early 2014. This edition was also endlessly reviewed and Q/A’ed. However, I have found some errors and with Nuke 9 changes have been made to the software. You can see the list of errors here.


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