Nuke 101 – 2nd Edition is Out


I released Nuke 101 in April 2011. It’s been exactly two years and I heard mostly good things about it (and thanks for the kind words everyone who cared to share them with me).
I wrote Nuke 101 with Nuke 6.2v3, far as memory recalls. Nuke has come a long way. The update to Nuke 6.3 alone saw the introduction of Dope Sheet, Particles, Deep Compositing, Tool Sets, and Presets (I hope I’m not missing something).

Nuke is now at version 8.0v3. It has a ton more features and older tools changed completely (the Tracker to name but a few). Using the book became difficult. And so I decided to update the book. Peachpit, who publish, were pretty happy about it as well. It was really just supposed to be an update that will make sure the exercises work with Nuke 8, but I couldn’t resist and I changed about half the exercises all together, and added as much new content as possible. The chapter headings are all the same, but the inside is very different.
You can find the book in the usual channels, including Peachpit’s website and Amazon.

Hope people like the 2nd edition as much as they generally liked the 1st.

Good luck to all who are learning Nuke.

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