Plugin Manager

Jared Glass, a TD with Triggerfish Animation Studios in South Africa (the studio behind Zambezia), has released into the wild a plugin manager for Nuke called, well, Plugin Manager.

For those who use Nukepedia and other sites to download Gizmos and Plugins only to find out that there’s little for them to do with the stuff if they don’t know code, this is the tool for them.

How It Works

Jared’s Plugin Manager automatically adds tools into Nuke without having to edit the file. You choose a folder where you hold all your gizmos and plugins, as well as python scripts and presets and choose where to place them in the interface. It’s that easy.

But it’s not only for the python-illiterate, the advanced version of the Plugin Manager opens up the code to endless customization.

It works on mac, linux and windows and has been tested on nuke 6.1 and 6.3 and is coded completely in python.


Plugin Manager Basic:

Plugin Manager Advanced:

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