Aya – Crane Shot Breakdown

Aya is a wonderful short film I worked on here in Tel Aviv.

It’s a little drama of two strangers who accidentally find themselves in the same car for a forty minute drive.

Surprisingly this 40 minute film has some 250 effect shots. The driving scenes were shot in a studio so that the directors will have control over the changing time of day (the ride starts late afternoon and ends after sundown) and the acting.

One of the shots starts with a close up of the heroin, Aya, played by Sarah Adler, and as the camera moves back and around the car, the whole road is revealed. This shot happens to be the emotional pinnacle of the movie, as it takes the little enclosed world the two share and places it in reality – on a busy road.

The Breakdown

This shot was filmed in the studio as well, and I had the pleasure to composite it. There were quite a few challenges. There was very little to track with in the beginning of the shot. There was no green screen so roto was needed (this I farmed out to the good people at Malditochroma). And mainly, the lighting was completely wrong on the car. It was lit from the front, where there shouldn’t have been any light there at all.

This clip is a quick breakdown of the shot in question. Hopefully at some point I’ll have time to do a proper breakdown.

My colleague Eran Feller composited the rest of the 250 shots.


Aya (2012)

Directed by
Oded Binnun
Mihal Brezis

Writing credits
Oded Binnun ….writer
Mihal Brezis ….writer
Tom Shoval ….writer

Produced by
Yaël Abecassis …. producer
Pablo Mehler …. producer
Hilel Rozman …. producer

Casting by
Anders Nygaard

Sound Department
Dey Alon …. boom operator
Oleg Kaiserman …. sound mixer

P. S.

Though the film is only 40 minutes and was only intended for a few screenings in the local rep cinemas, it was a huge success, and after filling all screenings in the cinematheque, it received a wide release. Well done Mihal and Oded.

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