Nuke 7.0 ModelBuilder

Remember what I said about Nuke giving us more and more 3D tools?

Nuke 7.0 has a lot of that built in. One of the biggest improvements on that side of things is ModelBuilder.


ModelBuilder takes Nuke’s Modeler from Nuke 6.3 and puts it on steroids.

This really makes the 3D tracker infinitely more useful. Up to now the workflow for projection was: 3D track, export the camera to some 3D software (this is already not an easy feat and requiers at least one script installed), model the environment in 3D software, export geometry back to Nuke, carry on with projection. Now all of this can be solved inside Nuke. Brilliant.

 See the video.


This is the kind of thing that makes The Foundry such a great company. A lot of software vendors release features with a lot of bells and whistles. You get excited about it all only to realise all too quickly that it doesn’t work as promised. The feature rarely gets updated and quickly turns into a feature that when I teach I ignore. But The Foundry take a different approach more often than not. They build a new tool, send it out, see how it fares and how people use it, then build on it. Modeller in itself wasn’t very good, but it showed promise. With Nuke 7.0 that promise will, hopefully, be fulfilled.

Nuke 7.0 should be released very soon, fingers crossed.

2 thoughts on “Nuke 7.0 ModelBuilder

  1. Amazing, what can I say…but(!) when dealing with 3d, I think, it’s better to divide compositing from 3d, as it’s not only learning new module or technique, but mostly diving into a very strange and different world, especially for compositors… Or am I just oldschool?
    By the way I’m really eager to put my hands on new 2d tracker, heard so many good things ’bout it.

    • I’m like that as well. Rather be a compositor and deal with compositor problems. But on one hand these tools simply help you do compositing. Camera projection is simply a quick clean plate generator. And on the other hand, making, say, a title in 3D is not something you would even want to go into Maya for.
      So I’m not suggesting to create whole environments and character animation in Nuke. But these kind of things are good solves.

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