J_Ops 2.0 Released with a rigid body physics engine

Jack Binks released the second major version to his free suite of plugins J_Ops.

Image of J_Scopes

Jack works at the Foundry however he develops J_Ops in his free time. It’s a really useful suite of plugins and has been a favorite of mine for a few years now solely for the J_scopes and better rawReader plugins.

In version 2.0 Jack really excelled by adding a new set of tools called Mullet. Mullet is a rigid body physics engine based on the Bullet Multiphysics game library. In human readable terms this means it is easy to make 3D objects act in a real-world way simply by changing some properties. Gravity, collision, and constraints can make complex animations really easy.

To test it I made a little bowling scene. Only two keyframes were used here. You can see it below.

I rendered this with AtomKraft for Nuke and the whole thing took me half an hour to setup, shade, and light.
You can read more about J_Ops here, and download it here.
Here’s Jack explaining the capabilities of J_Mullet:

Some more tips about J_Mullet, here.

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