Bezeq Fiber in Ocean ad

Just completed another ad with Snowball VFX. Work was done on Fusion, which posed a lot of issues as Snowball moved to rendering 32bit float linear EXRs instead of sRGB 8 bit, which they were rendering so far. Fusion is basically an sRGB machine, so there was all sorts of magic that we needed to do in order to make things mesh all together.

Anyway, all the technical issues aside, we did for the majority of the time, focus on the actual work and did some good work. Johnny, creative director and co-owner of Snowball was a real driving force in the project and pushed us all to making everything better than it could be. We were using stock footage as the ocean back plates and we needed to make it all look a lot more than it was. We used a lot of projections and cards in Fusion’s 3D to add more stuff to the footage, and the 3D team gave a lot more than just that parrot to the scene.

Ido Shor, a talented compositor, was my compositing buddy on this project as well, and did a lot of the work you see in this ad.



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