Nuke Book Ready

Nuke 101For The last three months I worked my backside off. Day and night. Peachpit attached some four editors to work with me on the book – they showed me how much work I had to do on my course to make it into a proper book. A lot of work. Gladly it is now done, and hope it will be a good book.

The book is called: Nuke 101: Professional Compositing and Visual Effects. If you are interested you can look at the table of content on the book’s page on Peachpit’s website (click the search button above the image).

I have extended the content of the book, and while the course included the User Interface, Working with Trees, Keying, Tracking, RotoPaint, the 3D engine, and Gizmos, the book now also includes Stereoscopic Projects, Camera Tracking, Camera Projection, and a little Python. The book can be read and used at home as well as used in a classroom with a trainer.

You can find the book on amazon as well: Amazon US, Amazon UK. Current release date is April 18th – but it might move closer a little.

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